Mr Yeung Chun Yin (楊俊賢先生)
BSocSc (HKU)
MPhil (CUHK)

Lecturer (Part-time)
School of Translation and Foreign Languages

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Yeung Chun Yin, nicknamed ‘Salt’ or ‘Uncle Salt’ in Cantonese, graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of The University of Hong Kong (BSocSc) and the Department of Philosophy at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (BA and MPhil). He went on to study a PhD Programme in Humboldt University of Berlin and King’s College London to further his study. In 2016, Salt and his comrades established a group ‘Corrupt the Youth’ and started to host ‘Philosophy Night’ in RTHK31, aiming to introduce philosophy to the general public. He is now teaching various courses in different tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.

TopResearch Interest
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Otherness
  • Contemporary Continental Philosophy
  • Analytic Philosophy