School of Translation

Glocal Greenovation Challenge

First Runner-up
CHUNG Hau Ming, Carmen, BTB Student
February – March 2016


Carmen Chung (3rd from right in second photo)

Glocal Greenovation Challenge (GGC) gathered all the top talents from multi-disciplines to form different creative businesses that help solve local and global environmental problems. In 54 hours, CHUNG Hau Ming, Carmen led a group of six, a mix of an auditing manager, a bank data analyst, a graphic designer, a graduate student and a reporter. They brainstormed ideas on-site and passed a series of pitching in both Chinese and English in front of judges in the offices of KPMG and Google. In the final round, they presented their final prototype to various potential investors in the conference hall of Credit Suisse in the presence of the founders of Sa Sa, the Under Secretary for the Environment and so on.

The team won the first runner-up prize, including a fund of HKD27,948 from Sa Sa and subsidised overseas research travels sponsored by Voltra and Hong Kong Airlines.