School of Humanities and Social Science

Joint University Outstanding Marketing Award 2014-2015

Semi-Finalist (Top 20 out of 400 teams)
LEUNG King Yan, Janice, BA-ENG, and BBA Students
November 2014 – April 2015

Joint University Outstanding Marketing Award 2014-2015 is a large scale marketing competition that has received wide recognition since its establishment in 1995. This competition allows participants from various tertiary institutions to gain knowledge in the field of marketing and develop their creative thinking skills, organisational skills, and communication skills. 
LEUNG King Yan, Janice (BA-ENG) and her team, put forth their best effort to write a compelling executive summary and create an advertising video, becoming one of the top 20 teams among 400 teams.
Members of the team are:
LEUNG King Yan, Janice (BA-ENG)
LAM Kenny (BBA – Accounting)
CHAN Chi Kit (BBA – Accounting)
POON Tze Kin, Alden (BBA – Marketing)