Mock Press Conference

26 November 2014

To put students into real-life business context and help them conquer stage fright, Mr William Ip, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Practice) of the School of Translation, supervised the students of TRA3103 Public Relations Translation to run a mock press conference at Fung Yiu King Hall in S H Ho Academic Building on 26 November 2014.

The students, in groups of four to six, went through extensive preparation. They conducted exhaustive market research in respective areas, sent invitations, and prepared props and costumes for the conference. They also produced a bilingual press kit to better simulate the real settings and add to the learning experience, students also played interpreters on stage. One of the groups even involved sign language, and one of its members signed all the happenings on stage to the audience.

The Q&A section is always a highlight of a press conference. This mock press conference was no exception. Reporters, played by teachers and their fellow classmates, asked challenging questions, which put the quick wits of all parties, including the interpreters, to the test.

Students of TRA3103 Public Relations Translation presenting in a mock press conference at Fung Yiu King Hall