Education Exhibition and Talk to Promote Environmental Protection

Hang Seng Management College Library

Education Exhibition and Talk to Promote Environmental Protection


To enhance awareness of environmental protection, Hang Seng Management College Library held an education exhibition entitled “Bamboo for the 21st Century” from 18 to29 November 2013, during the opening hours of the Library at the Exhibition Area, G/F., Block A.

Twelve bamboo-made exhibition panels were used to display valuable information on how and why bamboo was so good at mitigating climate change and protecting the environment. It was noted that bamboo has a lot of benefits and it contributes significantly to the biodiversity of the natural environment. A green movement that deployed bamboo in the construction and interior design of buildings in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Hong Kong was also illustrated with pictures; likewise, pictures of the interior design of new buildings on College Campus depicting the use of bamboo as a building material as well as furniture items for the Library, restaurant and staff offices evidenced the green movement on campus.  Compared with timber, harvesting bamboo requires less time, and producing bamboo products usually requires less energy than comparable fossil-fuel based products. All in all, bamboo can help save the environment and sustain our future because it absorbs more carbon and produces more oxygen than average trees, reduces soil erosion and the pace of deforestation, relieves global warming and reduces natural ecological crisis.The highlight of the exhibition was a talk delivered by Mr. Martin Tam, Chairman of the College’s Steering Committee on Campus Expansion and a member of the Board of Governors, on the topic: 廿一世紀環保「竹」覺on 28 November from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mr. Tam is an advocate of the bamboo movement and environmental protection.

To encourage participation, the Library also held a lucky draw for staff and students who visited the bamboo exhibition and got all their answers correct in a quiz on bamboo and its environmental benefits.  The bamboo quiz attracted 87 enthusiastic participants.  Out of 47 who got all 10 questions correct, 20 of them got bamboo USB as prizes for the lucky draw.  10 additional bamboo prizes were also given out by Mr. Tam to participants of the talk for their participation.

For those who have not yet viewed the exhibition in the Library, we are pleased to announce that the exhibition will be moved to the Main Building and then Block D afterwards.


Mr. Martin Tam gives a talk to HSMC colleagues and students on the awareness of environmental protection and bamboo. 

More than 50 staff and students attend the seminar and they listen to the talk attentively. 
Mr. Martin Tam presents a lucky draw award to the students and the academic staff.


Ms. Sarena Law, College Librarian, presents a souvenir to Mr. Martin Tam. 

A group photo of Mr. Martin Tam, professors and lucky draw awardees.