BJC Talk Series 14: Pursuit of Happiness

19 November 2013

BJC Talk Series 14: Pursuit of Happiness

Mr. Lam Woon-kwong, GBS, JP, Convenor of the Executive Council was invited to be the guest speaker at the 14th BJC Talk. He shared his views on happiness and the meaning of life. He explained that the meaning of “happiness” was the feeling of joy. When asked by students whether he felt happy or not serving as Convenor of the Executive Council, he answered that he did not join the Executive Council for material benefits or happiness, and that the job was meaningful.


In addition, Mr. Lam cited a lot of examples on the meaning of life, including Emily Davison, a female campaigner for equality in the 20th century, Martin Luther King, the African-American civil rights leader in the 1950’s, and Rosa Parks, “Mother of the Freedom Movement”. Mr. Lam encouraged students to think about the meaning of life and try to find the “joy’ in a busy life.




Mr. Lam Woon-kwong signed on the guestbook   


Mr. Lam exchanged views with Prof.  Gilbert Fong, the Acting President and Mr. Brian So,  Senior Lecturer of BJC

Prof. Gilbert Fong, Acting President, delivered a speech 


Prof. Scarlet Tso, Dean of School of Communication, delivered a speech

MC of the talk, Angela Cheung An Ching , BJC Year 2 student 


Mr. Lam discussed with the students on happiness and the meaning of life


Scenes at the talk 


 Sharing session by Mr. Lam (Middle), Prof. Tso (Left) and Mr. So (Right)


BJC students raised questions


Prof. Tso (Left) presented a souvenir to Mr. Lam (Right)


Group photos