HSUHK nurtures well-rounded future leaders with Liberal Physical Education

With its unique “Liberal + Professional” education model, HSUHK places a high priority on quality teaching and students’ all-round development. The University also believes in the transformative power and the effectiveness of its education model in facilitating students’ realisation of their full potential.

HSUHK considers physical education as part of its holistic education offering, and strongly believes in the positive impact that sports have not only on individuals, but communities. According to the Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018–2030 developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), physical activity directly contributes to achieving many of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Liberal Physical Education”, which is integrated into the University’s “Liberal + Professional” education model, is not limited to the physical domain. It combines advancements in management and humanities with sports etiquette to create a holistic programme for personal growth.

In order to promote “Liberal Physical Education” on campus, the Physical Education Section (PES) of the Student Affairs Office (SAO) consistently organises various sports activities and introduces new sports to motivate colleagues and students to engage in different kinds of physical activities.

On 16 November 2023, PES collaborated with the Centre for Asian Languages and Cultures (CALC) to orchestrate a Floor Curling Fun Day to let participants experience a sport that apart from traditional ball games, is popular in the “Belt and Road” countries and fits well within Asian cultural activities. Experienced coaches from Hong Kong Curling Academy and Hong Kong Curling Federation, China, were invited to share their techniques and insights on the sport. Students were divided into teams for competitions. The competitive segment provided a transformative platform for personal evolution and discovery for all participants. It also offered students an opportunity to test their strategies and teamwork in a dynamic context, fostering holistic development.

On 20 November 2023, PES invited Ms Ice Kwok, lecturer at the Department of Social Science, as well as an experienced player of diabolo, to host the “Diabolo – Hand-Eye Coordination Challenge” activity. Diabolo is a traditional Chinese art of juggling. It also helps players improve and develop hand-eye coordination and concentration. Students initially encountered difficulties in grasping the fundamental techniques of manipulating the diabolos, but their determination propelled them forward. Under Ms Kwok’s guidance, and through trial and error, they developed their resilience and mastered basic techniques. With every challenge, the students recognised that mistakes were an integral part of the process, which helped them internalise the experience and aided their growth. 

PES believes that experiential learning through sports activities, being both competitive and cooperative in nature, can cultivate students’ critical thinking, caring attitudes, moral values, and social responsibility and groom students with transferrable core competencies to meet future work and life challenges with confidence, as sports take students on a journey of self-discovery that cannot simply be taught in a classroom.

HSUHK recognises the importance of sports in fostering cohesion and developing individuals’ willpower and perseverance. PES will continue to collaborate with various departments to promote sports culture on campus to continue contributing to the development of Hong Kong’s sports industry.

Dr Rami Chan, Director of Centre for Asian Languages and Cultures, with participants.
Dr Rami Chan, Director of Centre for Asian Languages and Cultures, with participants.
Students engage in floor curling.
Students try to gain control over the diabolos on a string with handsticks.
Students try to gain control over the diabolos on a string with handsticks.