HSUHK President shares University development plans at Spring Media Reception

19 February 2024

At its new year media gathering on 19 February 2024, Professor Simon S M Ho, President of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) revealed HSUHK’s Word of the Year, “Wisdom”, and shared the University’s latest developments.

The word “Wisdom” will carry more importance than ever as the University continues to grow and educate young talent in a world where reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing exponentially. AI has revolutionised various industries and will continue to transform how humans live and work. Therefore, HSUHK will emphasise cultivating students’ knowledge and attitudes in the field, and use AI to assist in teaching and learning. “Wisdom” also refers to the ethics and moral intelligence that comes with the increasing use of AI. Citizens need to learn how to distinguish the truth, be responsible, and respect academic integrity and intellectual property rights as the use of AI becomes more widespread. Professor Ho also expressed his hope that Hong Kong’s policymakers continue to implement intelligence and provide clarity to its citizens, and in doing so, help Hong Kong rise up from its economic slumber.

Speaking on the University’s developments, President Ho stated that HSUHK will continue to actively establish strategic partnerships with international academic communities, local businesses, and organisations to promote research, knowledge exchange, and the enhancement of teaching and learning facilities. He also revealed that in the near future, University’s key development highlights include sustainability strategies (including ESG), decision analytics and supply chain management, business ethics and Junzi corporations, creative culture policy studies, new media and social development, and translation technology.

Professor Ho reveals HSUHK’s Word of the Year “Wisdom”.
Professor Ho reveals HSUHK’s Word of the Year “Wisdom”.