HSUHK confers Honorary Doctorates on Fourth Cohort

14 March 2024

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) held its Fourth Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony on campus today (14 March), bestowing honorary doctorate degrees on three outstanding individuals who have remarkable accomplishments in their professional fields, and have made outstanding contributions to society and to the University. The Ceremony was officiated by Ms Diana Cesar, Chairman of the HSUHK Board of Governors, and Dr the Hon Moses Cheng Mo-chi, Chairman of the HSUHK Council.

The three recipients are: distinguished urologist and Director of the S H Ho Foundation Limited, Dr Ho Tzu-leung (Doctor of Laws honoris causa), renowned actuarial science scholar, Professor Elias Shiu Sai-wan (Doctor of Science honoris causa), and insurance industry leader, Dr Edmund Tse Sze-wing (Doctor of Social Science honoris causa).

In his opening address, Professor Simon Ho, President of HSUHK, described the three Honorary Doctorate recipients as role models for HSUHK’s staff and students, “The outstanding individuals we honour today are prominent leaders in their professional fields, and have inspired countless others with their passion and expertise, as they lead by example. Their professional contributions, as well as their commitment to various causes have brought the larger society together, and enabled the progress of not only the current generation, but generations to come.” President Ho expressed his gratitude to three new Honorary Doctors, and shared that he hopes that their strong ties with HSUHK take the University further in realising its vision of becoming a leading private liberal arts-oriented University in the region.

Professor Elias Shiu spoke on behalf of the three Honorary Doctorate recipients. He noted that as Honorary Doctorate recipients, they have been entrusted with the task of inspiring future generations, of igniting the spark of curiosity, and of nurturing the pursuit of knowledge. “In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, it is crucial that we embrace innovation, adaptability, and interdisciplinary collaboration. We have the unique opportunity to bridge the gaps between disciplines, to foster dialogue and understanding, and to promote cooperation for the betterment of society. Let us use our knowledge, skills, and influence to make a positive impact, to champion social justice, and to advocate for the well-being of all individuals.” Professor Elias Shiu also congratulated his fellow Honorary Doctorate recipients, and hopes that they jointly continue to push the boundaries of knowledge, inspire future generations, and make a lasting impact in their respective fields. He also expressed his appreciation towards the University’s staff and faculty members who have dedicated their lives to education and research.

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Three Honorary Doctors (from left), Dr Edmund Tse Sze-wing, Dr Ho Tzu-leung, and Professor Elias Shiu Sai-wan.
Three Honorary Doctors (from left), Dr Edmund Tse Sze-wing, Dr Ho Tzu-leung, and Professor Elias Shiu Sai-wan.