HSUHK Global Humanities Initiative Colloquium

28 April 2022 

The HSUHK Global Humanities Initiative (GHI) organised a colloquium entitled ‘Game, Competition and Absorption: A Philosophical and Comparative Consideration’ on 28 April 2022 via Zoom. Supported by The International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH), Asian New Humanities Network (ANHN) and Tencent Social Research Centre, the colloquium provided a platform for international scholars to exchange their views on the notions of competition, game studies and immersion, from philosophical, phenomenological, and historical perspectives.

HSUHK President Simon Ho, President of CIPSH Prof Louiz Oosterbeek, Expert Fellow of Tencent Social Research Centre Dr Henry Li, and Co-Director of HSUHK GHI Prof Gilbert Fong, gave welcoming remarks. Prof Philip Buckley of McGill University spoke on the topic ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius – Communiter?: Post-Olympic Reflections on Competition’, in which the paradoxical nature of competitive games was explored. Prof Saulius Geniusas of the Chinese University of Hong Kong looked into ‘Immersion in Digital Games: A Phenomenological Inquiry’. Prof Ping-chen Hsiung, Secretary General of CIPSH, talked about ‘Virtual Games: Dressing up Bugs to Fight for Man’ and looked at games from a historical perspective.

The colloquium concluded with a discussion session chaired by Prof Desmond Hui, Founding Head of the Department of Art and Design (AAD), HSUHK. Discussants included Dr Christine Choy of AAD and Dr Henry Li of Tencent.