‘PEACE Beyond Circumstances’ by EM-Power @ HSUHK Implanting the Culture of Diversity & Inclusion and Boosting HSUHK Community Wellbeing

Following the previous highly appreciated activity, ‘Dream Beyond Circumstances’ held on 25 February 2022, with the strategic advice and support of the Institute For Youth Sustainability Leadership (IYSL), and together with the SEN Support of the Student Affairs Office (SAO), EM-Power organised the second interactive online activity of the year, ‘PEACE Beyond Circumstances’, on 21 April 2022. Although it was the mid-term season, the activity was well supported by the members of HSUHK, attracting the active participation of around 170 students, alumni and staff members from various academic and administrative units.

Apart from promoting EM-Power to the HSUHK community, the activity also hoped to raise their awareness of the diverse cultures of the ethnic minorities and to foster inclusiveness on our campus through the sharing of the inspiring success story of a celebrity. Mr Vivek Mahbubani, renowned local-born Indian stand-up comedian, was invited to address the concept of Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) in a light-hearted way. In the light of the high level of stress and anxiety under the pandemic, Vivek also generously shared the challenges he had encountered and how he managed to maintain a positive mindset. Despite the constraints of an online video meeting, Vivek’s humourous presentation was well received by the participants.

Following Vivek’s 75-minute stand-up comedy, our alumnus, Hamza Saghir Aslam, shared his memorable and fruitful four-year campus life at HSUHK. Although it was the first time that the two guests had met online, they appreciated and respected each other, and together they sent their words of encouragement to HSUHK members at the end of the activity.

Overwhelmingly positive responses were received from the participants, who considered the activity both inspiring and encouraging. Some participants requested an extension of the activity, as it provided them with a platform to better understand D & I and gain tips on overcoming stress.

Following these widely-appreciated activities organised recently, EM-Power is ready to reach out further and to organise more interactive and multi-cultural activities in the future to address the support to promote D&I on campus from our community.

“This session was amazing as there was sharing about how we can see things differently in our daily life. And we also learned from the alumnus regarding how to better spend our time in university.”

“Thanks Vivek for sharing his tips on how to keep our daily life more fun! The sharing by Hamza also provided us with good suggestions on our studies.”

“This was a meaningful event. The sharing sessions by Vivek and Hamza were truly inspiring and practical.”

“It’s entertaining, and also inspiring and meaningful!”

“This activity raised our awareness of the diverse culture at our university.”

The above feedback from participating students and staff members reflected that they had immensely enjoyed the activity and gained practical tips in coping with stressful or tough times.

Renowned stand-up comedian Mr Vivek Mahbubani and the participants took memorable group photos together.
Renowned stand-up comedian Mr Vivek Mahbubani and the participants took memorable group photos together.
Renowned stand-up comedian Mr Vivek Mahbubani and the participants took memorable group photos together.
One of the promotional posters prepared by the EM-Power.