Design Thinking Workshop: “Be An Instructional Designer – Use Design Thinking to Improve Teaching Effectiveness”

25 June 2019

On 25 Jun, a Design Thinking Workshop for staff was co-hosted by the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Students Affairs Office. In the Workshop, we had Dr Thera Chiu (Associate Professor, Vice-Dean of Student Affairs) and Dr Matt Wang (Assistant Professor, Director of College of Interdisciplinary Studies) from Taipei Medical University as facilitators to introduce Design Thinking processes and share their experience in implementing it in various places.

Together with Dr Felix Tang (Associate Director (Service Learning) of Centre for Teaching and Learning), also as a facilitator of the workshop, nearly 20 participants joined the exciting series of activities which included ice breaking games, design challenge activities, learning about “Design Thinking” steps and applying them to create innovative teaching designs, and sharing and reflection sessions.

Participants actively took part in the ice-breaking games which brought out reflection on what were the most effective factors in motivating students in a class

Dr Matt Wang (left) and Dr Thera Chiu (right) explained the Design Thinking processes

Participants engaged in tasks to try out Design Thinking processes and to create innovative project and class teaching designs

Participants presented their teaching design ideas

Group Photo of Participants

Group Photo of Participants