Board of Governors


ChairmanMs Diana Cesar (施穎茵女士)
Vice-ChairmanDr. The Hon. Cheng Mo-chi Moses (鄭慕智博士)
Members from
the senior management of Hang Seng Bank
Ms Diana Cesar (施穎茵女士)
Ms. Cheung Ka-wai Kathy (張家慧女士)
Ms. Law Shuk-man Betty (羅淑雯女士)
Mr. Leung Wing-lok Andrew (梁永樂先生)
Ms. Saw Say-pin (蘇雪冰女士)
Members from
the local higher education community
Professor Hui King-man Michael (許敬文教授)
Mr. Luk Koon-hoo Roger (陸觀豪先生)
Dr. Poon Sun-cheong Patrick (潘燊昌博士)
Members from
the business community
Dr. The Hon. Cheng Mo-chi Moses (鄭慕智博士)
Dr. Fung Yuk-bun Patrick (馮鈺斌博士)
Mr. Ho Lai-wai Thomas (何乃威先生)
Mr. Lai Hin-wing Henry (賴顯榮先生)
Dr. Li Ka-cheung Eric (李家祥博士)
Mr. Liang Cheung-biu Thomas (梁祥彪先生)
Mr. Tam Tin-fong Martin (譚天放先生)
Mrs. Wong Lam Sze-wan Patricia (黃林詩韻女士)
SecretaryDr. Fong Wing-ho Tom (方永豪博士)


Terms of Reference

Without limiting the generality of the powers of the Board of Governors under the Articles of Association, the Board of Governors shall:

  1. exercise control of the purposes and functions of the University as the supreme governing body;
  2. set out the overall broad direction and policy of the University for management by the Council;
  3. make decisions and exercise control regarding approval and allocation of financial resources to the University, acquisition and disposal of the property and capital assets of the University;
  4. make appointments of key officers of the University as it thinks proper; and
  5. provide for the custody and use of the University’s seal.