HSMC Computing Cup Mobile App Design Competition – Calling for Applications

24 January 2017

To promote Technology Education (as part of STEM education) in Hong Kong secondary schools, enhance and train students’ problem-solving skills using programming, as well as promote human-centred computing, the Department of Computing of HSMC, Broad Learning Education (Asia) Limited and The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education will co-organise the “HSMC Computing Cup Mobile App Design Competition” with the theme of creating an “Intelligent Timetabling App”. The competition will test the problem solving and design skills of the teams. An official homepage for the “HSMC Computing Cup”, https://computing-cup.hsmc.edu.hk/en/frontpage/, has been set up to accept applications from now until 3 March 2017. Two competition briefings will also be held on February and March 2017.

Fabulous prizes have been prepared for this competition. Please refer to the following online leaflet for more details:



or browse thefollowing HSMC Computing Cup official website: