[STFL Online workshop series on game localisation and digital entertainment 2021] Workshop 2

The digital entertainment industry has become a worldwide phenomenon, providing endless entertainment to players around the world with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The success of the industry would not have been possible without the implementation of GILT (globalisation, internationalisation, localisation, and translation) processes, which help game developers and publishers maximise their return of investment and reach a wider audience. In this presentation, the main features of game localisation will be described. Then, the focus will shift to cultural issues and the importance of adapting the cultural content of a game to market it successfully in different territories. Key terms such as culturalisation, glocalisation, transcreation, co-creation and dual localisation will be discussed and examples from different games will be provided to illustrate how the way the cultural content of a game is dealt with can contribute to its global success… or local demise.

Topic: Found in Translation? Cultural Issues in Game Localisation
Date: 29 June 2021 (Tuesday)
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. (Hong Kong Time)
Speaker: Dr Carme Mangiron – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Moderator: Dr SIU Sai Yau – Assistant Professor, School of Translation and Foreign Languages, HSUHK
Language: English
Delivery mode: Online via Zoom
Registration: https://bit.ly/2RhFb7Y

(Meeting link will be sent to successful registrants one day before the workshop.)

All are welcome to join! HSUHK students who join the talk will be accorded 1 ECA hour/1 iGPS Unit.

For enquiries, please feel free to contact us at stfl@hsu.edu.hk or 3963 5490.

[STFL Online Workshop Series on Game Localisation and Digital Entertainment 2021] Workshop 2
[STFL Online Workshop Series on Game Localisation and Digital Entertainment 2021] Workshop 2_abstract