Business School organises symposium on HKEx’s Rules on No-Single-Gender Boards

29 April 2024

The Women in Society Association (WiSA) of the School of Business (SBUS) organised a symposium on “Assessing Progress: HKEx’s Rules on No-Single-Gender Boards” on 29 April 2024. The symposium brought esteemed industry leaders and professionals together to delve into the progress made and challenges faced in achieving gender diversity and inclusion within corporate boards.

Distinguished speakers and panelists attended the WiSA Symposium to share their expertise, experiences, and perspectives on the subject matter. Engaging panel discussions and thought-provoking speeches helped foster dialogue and knowledge exchange among all attendees.

Ms Pauline Cheung, SBUS WiSA Committee member, Senior Lecturer of Department of Accountancy (1st from left, front); Ms Antonia Yeung, Associate Vice-President (Development and Campus Services) (3rd from right, front); Mr Ricky Lam, Chairman of Business Executive Club of SBUS, Senior Lecturer of Department of Accountancy (2nd from left, back); Dr Pauline Wong, SBUS WiSA Chairperson, Assistant Professor of Accoutancy (right, back) and industry representatives at the symposium.
President Simon Ho (front centre) with attendees.