LiberalArts@HSU Online Talk: Daoism and Chinese Culture

Daoism is a religion born and bred in China, with a long history and rich cultural connotations. Lu Xun once said: “The root of Chinese culture lies in Daoism.” So, what does “Dao” mean? What are the teachings and dogma of Daoism? What is the relationship between Daoism and traditional Chinese culture? And what does it have to do with our daily lives? To let HSUers have a better understanding of Daoist culture, LiberalArts@HSUHK is honored to invite the Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Daoist Culture Association, Weizheng Daochang, to talk about the relationship between Daoism and Chinese culture.

** Participants will be accorded 1.5 ECA Hour/ 1 iGPS Unit