HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards (2022/23) Sharing Seminar I (25 January 2024)


Chinese Language Teaching in Digital Era: Transformation and Challenges 


25 January 2024 (Thursday) 


Registration : 1:30 pm
Seminar        : 2:00 pm  


D801 (Lee Ping Yuen Chamber), 8/F, Lee Quo Wei Academic Building  


Award Recipient: Dr Fung Wai Sum, Cathy
(Senior Lecturer, Department of Chinese)

Invited Speaker: Dr Lam Wing Kin
(Senior Lecturer, Department of Chinese) 



The rapid development of technology in the digital era, has brought an impact towards the teaching of Chinese. The traditional way of teaching Chinese has been limited to one-way. How to stimulate students’ learning interest and motivation is often a major problem faced by teachers. Furthermore, although digital technology has brought forth many conveniences to teaching, it has also brought on many problems. For example, students’ over-reliance on digital technologies and overall students’ Chinese proficiency declining etc. In this sharing, the speakers will share their practical experience to let the audience understand the current development and challenges of Chinese teaching.