HSUHK President’s Letter (28-2-2022)

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Hello everybody!

Hong Kong is now facing the greatest challenge since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. With thousands of cases confirmed each day, the situation is indeed worrying. Apart from sending our care and blessings to infected colleagues, students, family members and friends, I hope that you would all strictly observe epidemic prevention measures and take responsibility for your own health.

Our classes again go online amidst the new wave of the pandemic. I sincerely appreciate the dedicated efforts of the University’s teaching teams and units in upholding our student-centered principle while preparing materials for and supporting students in online learning, so as to enable students to continue their pursuit of goals and ideals.

Our staff members responsible for coordinating epidemic prevention and campus cleansing work are also meticulous in discharging their duties, with the aim of creating a safe and comfortable environment for our staff and students. I would also like to pay my highest tribute to all frontline anti-epidemic personnel, especially healthcare workers, for their dedication and contribution in defending Hong Kong against the pandemic round the clock.

The prolonged pandemic imposes a big challenge on our willpower. I am glad to note that some of our schools and departments are applying their academic expertise to help in the anti-pandemic battle, and many of our teachers and students are actively volunteering to serve communities and people in need.

To make the best out of this period of online classes and limited activities, I encourage members of the University to enhance your capacity and more self-learning, to clear tasks that have been put aside because of busy schedules, and to draw up action plans to be implemented after the pandemic. Don’t forget to also show your care to your friends and colleagues, and to cheer up each other in these times of difficulty.

With our bamboo-like resilience and suppleness, and with the traditional caring spirits of the University, I believe that the HSUHK community could work together to overcome this challenge, and to bring about positive changes to our University and society!

HSUHK President's Letter