Message from the President

President S H HO

Welcome to The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK)!

HSUHK is a dynamic and promising non-profit private university which advocates the transformative power of liberal arts and science education. It is a residential institution featuring top-quality faculty members, award-winning green campus facilities, innovative degree programmes, RGC-funded impactful research, and excellent student development/ support services.

Self-financed institutions are often more flexible and can bring in more programmes and teaching innovations. Aspiring to be a leading, non-profit, liberal-arts-oriented private university, HSUHK plays a unique and substantial role in the higher education sector in Hong Kong and in the region, cultivating transferable core competencies in our students.

Adopting the unique “Liberal + Professional” education model, the quality of our undergraduate experience is characterised by small class teaching, very close student-teacher interactions, mentorship for individual students outside classrooms, dynamic learning environment, residential college experience, and vast opportunities for internship, international exchange and independent research. The University puts quality teaching and students’ all-round development as its highest priorities, aiming at nurturing young talents with critical thinking, innovative minds, caring attitude, moral values and social responsibilities.

HSUHK students are outstanding ones with dreams, diligence and passion. They are proactive in driving positive changes in society while upholding virtues and beliefs. As the President, I support HSUHK students on their all-round development, exploring their own interests and unleashing their diverse potentials.

With the above distinctive qualities and the concerted efforts of our members, we are proud to witness a number of important achievements in recent years, and we shall continue to build upon the foundation we have laid and scale new heights.

You are most welcome to explore more on our core values, development and achievements in our University website.

Signature of Prof. Simon Ho

Simon S. M. Ho

1 November 2018