Management Structure

Key Academic and Administrative Officers
Prof Simon HO Shun Man
Provost and Vice-President (Academic and Research)
Acting Dean of School of Business
Prof Y V HUI
Vice-President (Learning and Student Experience)
Prof Jeanne FU Ho Ying
Vice-President (Organisational Development)
Dr Tom FONG Wing Ho
Associate Vice-President (Development and Campus Services)
Ms Antonia YEUNG Yu Hung
Associate Vice-President (Knowledge Exchange)
Director, Institute of Knowledge Exchange
Dr John LEUNG Wai Keung
Dean of School of Communication
Prof Scarlet TSO Hung
Dean of School of Decision Sciences
Prof CHAN Wai Sum
Dean of School of Humanities and Social Science
Prof TAM Kwok Kan
Dean of School of Translation and Foreign Languages
Prof Gilbert FONG Chee Fun
Dr Brossa WONG Yeuk Ha
Director of Finance
Mr Johnny LEE Ying Cheung
University Librarian
Mr Michael CHENG
Director of Student Affairs

(1 April 2024)