Management Structure

Key Academic and Administrative Officers
Prof Simon HO Shun Man
Provost and Vice-President (Academic and Research)
Prof Y V HUI
Vice-President (Learning and Student Experience)
Prof Hon S CHAN
Vice-President (Organisational Development)
Dr Tom FONG Wing Ho
Associate Vice-President (Development and Campus Services)
Ms Antonia YEUNG Yu Hung
Dean of School of Business
Prof Bradley BARNES
Dean of School of Communication
Prof Scarlet TSO Hung
Dean of School of Decision Sciences
Prof CHAN Wai Sum
Dean of School of Humanities and Social Science
Prof TAM Kwok Kan
Dean of School of Translation and Foreign Languages
Prof Gilbert FONG Chee Fun
Dr Brossa WONG Yeuk Ha
Director of Finance
Mr Johnny LEE Ying Cheung
Acting University Librarian
Ms Antonia YEUNG Yu Hung
Director of Student Affairs
Ms Esther LEE Tak Fan

(1 September 2022)

  • Our Staff

    Ms Tsang Yuen-han
    Development of the financial field has become more and more complicated, thus resulting in greater demand for professional business journalists. In the past, many practitioners had a thorough understanding of the finance field but they were not trained journalists. In other cases, some journalists were well-trained but they lacked an understanding of financial basics.
    • Ms Tsang Yuen-han
    • executive Producer, Television Broadcasts Limited
  • Our Students

    Ms Lau Nga Tung, Monchi
    Teachers at HSUHK not only pass on knowledge, but also spare no efforts to seize internship opportunities for students, assisting them to get prepared before entering the society.
    • Ms Lau Nga Tung, Monchi
    • BJC, Graduate of 2014
  • Friend Quotes

    Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor
    HSUHK has developed rapidly and provides students with better learning facilities. I hope that HSUHK’s enthusiasm for education will be appreciated by the community and all the students who benefit from it.
    • Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor
    • Former Chief Executive
    • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region