Standing Committees under Academic Board 2019/20
CommitteeMembership Composition and
Terms of Reference
Membership in 2019/20
Academic Planning and Development CommitteePDFPDF
Admissions CommitteePDFPDF
Advisory Committee on Graduate EmploymentPDFPDF
Common Core Curriculum Committee PDFPDF
Continuing Education CommitteePDFPDF
Global Exchange Committee PDFPDF
Graduate Studies Committee PDFPDF
Library and Learning Resources CommitteePDFPDF
Scholarship and Financial Assistance Committee PDFPDF
Student Affairs Committee PDFPDF
University Examinations and Assessment CommitteePDFPDF
University Research CommitteePDFPDF
University Staff-Student Consultative CommitteePDFPDF
University Student Disciplinary CommitteePDFPDF
University Teaching and Learning Quality CommitteePDFPDF

(August 2019)