Academic Board

The Academic Board regulates the academic affairs of the University subject to the financial control of the Council.

I. Membership Composition

(A) Ex-officio Members:





Provost &
Vice-President (Academic and Research)



Associate Vice-Presidents;
Deans of Schools;
Heads of Departments;
Dean of Graduate School;
University Librarian;
Director of Student Affairs;
Full Professors or above (not serving in the above capacities); and
President of HSUHK Students’ Union (student member)


Appointed Members:


Administrative or academic unit heads appointed by the President



Elected Members:


1 elected academic staff member from each School (excluding all Full Professors with reference to item 8 above)





II. Terms of Reference


to approve the development and offering of all sub-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and courses/modules proposed by Schools, or other Units, and to make delegation of such approval power on offering of new courses/modules or their syllabus amendments, where appropriate;


to draw up a framework of guidelines and principles to guide the development, accreditation, operation, evaluation and review of programmes and courses/modules;


to plan, promote and regulate the teaching, learning and research activities in the University;


to approve student graduation and the conferment of academic awards of the University with the Statutes and all relevant University regulations currently in force;


to report to the Council on any academic matters, where appropriate;


to approve, monitor and review the academic standards for quality assurance of all programmes regularly with particular reference to the following aspects:



student admissions and academic regulations;
programme management and review;
teaching and learning;
assessment and examinations;
research and scholarly work;
library and learning resources;
student services and activities;
staff student consultation; and
any other academic aspects as deemed appropriate; and


to exercise any other responsibilities and functions of academic governance as assigned to it by the Council.