Goodwill Ambassadors Voluntary Service

24 May 2014

Goodwill Ambassadors Voluntary Service

To serve the community, Ms. Glacial Cheng (Senior Lecture) together with BJC Goodwill Ambassadors paid a visit to Tung Fong Home For The Aged, a residential care home for the elderly located in Sheung Wan, on 24 May 2014.


During the three-hour service, our Goodwill Ambassadors played games and sang with the elderly. The elderly and ambassadors were both very happy during the visit.


An event planning workshop, held by Professor Meily Cheung (Assistant Professor), was given to the Goodwill Ambassadors prior to the visit. This allowed the ambassadors to learn how to write a proposal properly when they plan an event in the future.


After the voluntary service, the Goodwill Ambassadors know more about the situation of the elderly living in the residential care home. They will continue to show their love and care of the community in future.

An event planning workshop held by Prof. Meily Cheung
The Goodwill Ambassador played games with the elderly

The Goodwill Ambassador took photos with the elderly