College Assembly 2013/14 (2nd Semester)

HSMC has organized three sessions of College Assembly in the 2nd Semester of 2013/14, which were attended by over 1,200 students in total.

Session 4 (27 February 2014):  Local Consciousness and Identity

Mr. Lee Yee, an experienced media professional shared with students on the topic of Local Consciousness and Identity.


Session 5 (27 March 2014): Arts Appreciation – Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

Mr. K B Chan and two artists from Hong Kong Repertory Theatre shared with students on the development of Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and performed a reading.


Session 6 (17 April 2014): The Story of Scholarism

Mr. Lai Man Lok Oscar, spokesperson for Scholarism shared the story of the organisation.


Some students raised questions during the Q & A sessions.