Dr Moses Cheng Mo-chi, Chairman of Education Commission Spoke at HSMC

22 September 2011
Dr Moses Cheng Mo-chi, Chairman of Education Commission Spoke at HSMC


Dr Moses Cheng Mo-chi, Chairman of Education Commission and Senior Partner of P. C. Woo & Company gave a lecture on 22 September 2011 at Hang Seng Management College (HSMC).  His lecture attracted a large number of HSMC teachers and students, making a lively scene.


Under the theme of “Social Expectations of University Graduates”, the lecture was organized by the Student Affairs Office of HSMC. Dr Chui Hong-sheung, President of HSMC made a welcome speech and presented a souvenir to Dr Moses Cheng Mo-chi.


During the lecture, Dr Moses Cheng Mo-chi said, “university education should make the university itself a “fertile soil” of in-depth academic research and exploration of scholars and students. Tertiary education providers should seek to cultivate in students the spirit of academic inquiry, and give them the opportunity to develop not only their professional skills, but more importantly, their personality and inner quality.”


Dr Moses Cheng Mo-chi also emphasized that learning is a serious matter, but conscientious study and pleasant learning can co-exist. He hoped that students can communicate more with the university administration to express constructive ideas, actively participate in university life, and fully utilize university resources for their learning.


Dr Moses Cheng Mo-chi has ‎an extensive background in public administration and served as Chairman of Education Commission and Board of Governors of “Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation”. Dr Cheng is also appointed as Director of several listed companies.