Secretary for Education – Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim visited HSMC

15 April, 2013
Secretary for Education – Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim visited HSMC


Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim SBS, Secretary for Education, visited HSMC on 15 April 2013. Ms. Rose Lee, Chair of Board of Governors; Dr. Moses Cheng, Mr. Martin Tam and Mr. Nixon Chan, Members of Board of Governors; Mr. Cheng Kam Por, Member of College Council; Prof. Gilbert Fong, Acting President; Prof. Lee Tien Sheng and Dr. Karen Chan, Vice Presidents; Prof. Scarlet Tso and Prof. Lau Ho Fuk, Associate Vice-Presidents; warmly welcomed Mr. Eddie Ng.


Prof. Gilbert Fong gave a welcoming speech and stated that as a self-financed higher education college, HSMC provides professional teaching and advanced teaching facilities, aiming at fostering business professionals. He expressed our gratitude to the government for support in terms of land space and campus development. He concluded his speech with the hope of future support by the government.


Two HSMC student representatives Rex Lai, BBA year 3 and Rachel Lo, BJC Year 4 came to the meeting to share their learning experience. The event completed with a campus tour to BJC studio and Block A Academic Building by Public Relations Office and student ambassadors.


Secretary for Education – Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim signs for the event


Prof. Gilbert Fong, Acting President gives a speech


Ms. Rose Lee(Left), Chair of Board of Governors and Mr. Eddie Ng(Right) listen to the speech with other attendees

Mr. Eddie Ng gives a speech to HSMC management


Rex Lai, Year 3 BBA student, shares his school life at HSMC


Rachel Lo, BJC Year 4 student shares her internship experience during her study period

Ms. Rose Lee presents a souvenir to Mr. Eddie Ng


Mr. Eddie Ng talks to the students after the meeting

A group photo of Mr. Eddie Ng and HSMC representatives


Prof. Scarlet Tso, Associate Vice-President (PR) introduces the BJC studio to Mr. Ng

Mr. Eddie Ng experiences the newest translation facilities at the Conference Hall