Hong Kong and Malaysia students experience cultural inclusivity in joint exchange programme

8 July 2024

HSUHK, in partnership with three non-profit higher education institutions in Malaysia, Southern University College, New Era University College, and Han Chiang University College of Communication, organised a 14-day social and cultural exchange programme in June 2024.

Students from Hong Kong and Malaysia visited and studied in Hong Kong, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor Bahru and other places in Malaysia, to properly experience the unique cultures of Malaysia and Hong Kong.

During their stay in Hong Kong, students visited Lee Kum Kee Group and learned about the brand’s century-old legacy. From product design to supply chain management, students gained a deep understanding of the company’s operations, as well as its enterprising spirit and commitment to corporate social responsibility.

In Malaysia, students explored the rich Chinese cultural heritage that flourishes in the country. During their visit to the Zheng He Research Academy, students learned how Chinese people crossed the seas and settled in the Nanyang region, strengthened relationships with other ethnic groups, promoted mutual acceptance, inclusivity, coexistence, and prosperity, and also greatly impacted the development of Chinese language education to preserve their cultural identity.

The Programme was supported by Mr Lim Soon-tiong , President of the Hong Kong Alumni Association of the Former Nanyang University of Malaysia Chinese.

Malaysia-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange Programme 2024 kick-off ceremony.
Malaysia-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange Programme 2024 kick-off ceremony.
Professor Simon Ho, President of HSUHK, makes a special visit to Penang Chew Jetty to greet exchange programme students.
Students visit Pinang Peranakan Mansion.