Mascot Handa

Handa is the first mascot of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK). He was based on the winning design submitted in the HSUHK Mascot Design Competition which was held in 2017 by a group of teachers and students. He made his first appearance in 16th March, 2018 after finetuned. He is amiable, loves making new friends and full of curiosity. He loves collecting bamboos and bamboo-made handicraft. He is fond of furniture and buildings that made of bamboo in HSUHK. His favourite activity is watering bamboo in the campus. His favourite colour is green and brown.

Handa Diary

  • Our Staff

    Mr TO Man Tik
    Study at HSUHK had helped open up my mind and lay a solid foundation for my future. I deeply felt our teachers’ caring for the students.
    • Mr TO Man Tik
    • Relationship Manager of DBS Treasures
  • Our Students

    Ms Leung Woon Yee, Jessica
    HSUHK is a private university with unlimited potentials and opportunities.
    • Ms Leung Woon Yee, Jessica
    • BJC, Graduate of 2014
  • Friend Quotes

    Dr William Yu
    The tremendous efforts of HSUHK to promote sustainability is highly appreciated. It is hoped that conservation concepts could be instilled in the younger generation at an early stage.
    • Dr William Yu
    • Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    • World Green Organisation