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HSUHK Video Gallery College Video 2015

Understanding The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

HSUHK Event Highlights

22 July 2022
Arts@HSUHK Play-reading Programme 2021/22 – Performance of The Laramie Project

21 September 2022
SCOM Talk Show ep57 :
Mr Mohamed Butt


7 September 2022
SCOM Talk Show ep56 :
Mr Tsang Wai-hung, GBS, PDSM, JP

22 August 2022
HSUHK Second Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony

24 Aug 2022
SCOM Talk Show ep55 : 
Mr Ahmed Khan

10 August 2022
SCOM Talk Show ep54 : 
Dr Lo Su-vui

About Schools and Programmes

17 July 2021
John Minford Cultural and Translation Series 4th Online Public Lecture — Hong Kong, a Crucible for Translation

10 July 2021
John Minford Cultural and Translation Series 3rd Online Public Lecture — Jottings and Belles Lettres : Hong Kong, Haven for the Chinese Memoir and the Literature of Leisure

3 July 2021
John Minford Cultural and Translation Series 2nd Online Public Lecture — Friendship & Affinity: 2011-2021, The Highest Aspirations of Translation, and the Hong Kong Literature Series

26 June 2021
John Minford Cultural and Translation Series 1st Online Public Lecture — Early Beginnings: the 1980s, the Renditions Special Hong Kong Issue

24 October 2020
Where Would Journalism Education Go: A Roundtable Forum between Academia and Industry

March 2020
Introduction to the School of Business at HSUHK

HSUHK: Connect Without Boundaries

20 September 2021
Hall Life

26 August 2021
University Sports Teams

17 June 2021

  • Our Staff

    The Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (Honours) programme of HSUHK is designed with comprehensive and practical content.
    • Ms Gloria Luk
    • Partner of Deloitte China
  • Our Students

    The four-year training I received at the School of Communication has equipped me with adequate financial knowledge which enables me to understand and organise information collected from interviewees more easily, and thus prepare news reports more promptly. While working as an intern at RTHK, I got the chance to take part in front-line interviews. Programmes offered by the School of Communication are very challenging. The diversity in my study and practices had helped broaden my horizons.
    • Mr Jerold Poon
    • BJC Graduate 2016
  • Friend Quotes

    Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor
    HSUHK has developed rapidly and provides students with better learning facilities. I hope that HSUHK’s enthusiasm for education will be appreciated by the community and all the students who benefit from it.
    • Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor
    • Former Chief Executive
    • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region