Professor JAO Tsung-i (late)

Honorary Professor

Professor JAO Tsung-i was born on 9 August 1917 in Chao-on, Guangdong, also known by his courtesy names Gu’an, Bozi and Bolian.

JAO Tsung-i is a versatile scholar, renowned for his academic and artistic achievements. He and the late Ji Xianlin are dubbed as “Jao of the South and Ji of the North” in China, for their leading roles in oriental studies. Professor Jao has devoted his entire life to the pursuit of excellence in the world of academics and arts.

In the world of academics, JAO Tsung-i’s motto is to “seek the truth, seek the standard and seek justness”. He sparked off research on Dunhuang Manuscripts, now known as “Dunhuangology”, and Chaozhou studies. Undertaking a diverse but converging path in his scholarly pursuits, his contributions cover thirteen genres spanning the entire field of sinology, including ancient history, oracle bone inscriptions, silk scripts, paleography, ancient musicology, religion and Chuchi. A prolific writer, he is the author of more than seventy books and more than nine hundred scholarly articles, many of which have opened up new vistas of research possibilities.

Professor Jao has also roamed freely across the world of arts. His literature, calligraphy and paintings blend classical traditions and innovation. His poetry, whilst complying with traditional schematic rules, is contemporary in essence. His calligraphy is not confined by any particular style and even includes oracle bone paleographic calligraphy. His paintings are characterised by a unique vibrancy that matches his free spirit.

Professor JAO Tsung I