BJC4202 - Crisis and Issues Management

Year of Study:4
Credit Units: 3
Duration: 45hours
Prerequisites: BJC2002 Communication Theories
Module Description
This module is designed to go through the issues and crises life cycle, from the point at which an issue is just a potential, through its development into a crisis, to the stage that crises do happen. Then, the focus shifts to managing crises from a communication perspective, including crisis recognition, response, and post-crisis concerns. The module is divided into four parts. The first part introduces the nature and importance of, as well as the relationship between crisis and issues management. The second and third parts address the contents of issues management and crisis management, respectively. The last part gives prominence to the vital role of communication in the crises.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. discuss the importance of and relation between crises and issues management;

  2. evaluate the concepts, process, and implementation of issues management;

  3. analyse the concepts and contents of crises management; and

  4. illustrate how to communicate and respond in crises.