Mr Michal Chmielinski
MSc (Hong Kong Baptist University)
BSc (Middlesex University)

Department of Marketing
Office: D730B

電話 : (852) 3963 5406
電郵 :

Mr. Chmielinski received his Bachelor's Degree in Banking and Finance (first-class honours) and his Master's Degree in Business Management (distinction). Prior to joining HSUHK, he worked for various business enterprises and gained teaching experience in tertiary institutions delivering courses about marketing, management and finance topics. His research interests include user behaviour in Social Media and emerging technologies such as Blockchain and Non-fungible tokens (NFT). His teaching interests include E-commerce, Digital Marketing, and Ethical & Social Issues in Social Media Marketing.

Research and Teaching InterestsIntellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)
TopResearch and Teaching Interests
  • User Behavior in Social Media
  • Blockchain Technologies
  • Digital Marketing
TopIntellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)
Conference papers:
  • Chmielinski, Michal; Wong, Randy; and Cheung, Christy M.K., "Play to Earn: What motivates users to play NFT games" (2023). PACIS 2023 Proceedings. 172.
  • Wong, Randy Yee Man; Chmielinski, Michal; and Cheung, Christy, "Suffering or Joy? Envy on Social Networking Sites During the Pandemic" (2021). PACIS 2021 Proceedings.
  • Chmielinski, Michal; Cheung, Christy M.K; and Wenninger, Helena, "Coping with Envy on Professional Social Networking Sites" (2020). PACIS 2020 Proceedings. 85.
Journal articles:
  • Wenninger, H., Cheung, C. M., Chmielinski, M. (2021). Understanding envy and users’ responses to envy in the context of social networking sites: A literature review. International Journal of Information Management, 58, 102303.