Dr Kelvin HO Kwok Wai (何國偉博士)
PhD (University of South Australia)
MBA (University of South Australia)
MSc (University of Essex)
BSc (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Diploma (University of South Australia)

Senior Lecturer
Department of Marketing
Associate Programme Director of Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Management Programme

電話 : (852) 3963 5263
電郵 :

Dr Ho has over ten-year experience in top management positions of multinational information technology and restaurant chain. In his PhD research, he conceptualised the consumers’ virtual community behaviours. The research examined the significance of distinct determinants in driving self-disclosure (posting) and non-self-disclosure activities (viewing). The research findings improve the understanding of the Commitment-Trust Theory and MOA Theory in the context of virtual communities, which may serve as operational guidelines to practitioners, promoting member participation in posting and/or viewing and allowing their virtual communities to achieve or sustain success.  

Research and Teaching InterestsIntellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)Business and Professional Engagement (including membership)
TopResearch and Teaching Interests
  • Internet Marketing
  • Online Consumer Behaviours
  • Retail and Channel Management
  • Strategic Marketing
TopIntellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)
  • Ho, K.W. (2018) "To View or to Post?: Examining the Relational Determinants and MOA Determinants of Consumers' Virtual Community Behaviors", The 27th World Business Congress
  • Author of business case chapter about "Ka Hing Supermarket" in "真‧君子商贏之道"
  • Ho, K.W. & Chou, T.J. (2009). “To lurk or to post?: A conceptualization of consumers’ virtual community behaviours,” ANZMAC, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy
TopBusiness and Professional Engagement (including membership)
  • Member of The Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy