Professor CHIU Ying Chun, Ronald (趙應春教授)
Diploma (Hong Kong Baptist College)

Associate Dean and Professor (Practice)
School of Communication

電話 : 3963 5629
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Professor Ronald Chiu is a veteran television journalist in Hong Kong with over 40 years of experience. He started as a cub reporter in Commercial Television News and moved to Television Broadcast Ltd in the late 70s. From there he advanced himself to assume senior and supervisory positions in news operation. In the early 90s, Professor Chiu joined Wharf group to help build the first pay television service and the first 24 hour news channel, Cable News. He was the Executive Director of i-Cable News Ltd and i-Cable Sports Ltd before retirement and is currently Special Advisor to Chairman of i-Cable Communications Limited. Throughout his journalistic career, he had won numerous international awards including the PATER Bicentennial World Broadcasting Award (1988) and International Film and TV Festival of New York (1990). He was also awarded Distinguished Alumni Communicator Award HKBU (2008) and HKBU Meritorious Service Award (2005). Professor Chiu was appointed as Adjunct Professor in 2018 by Hang Seng Management College and was awarded Honorary Fellowship by Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012 and the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong in 2019 respectively for his contribution to the industry and media education. Professor Chiu has over 20 years of teaching experience in various universities. In 2008, he joined a consultant team of Hang Seng Management College to assist programme accreditation submission. Since then, he had been serving as an advisor for the BJC programme until he joined the School of Communication as a full-time faculty member in January 2020.

Book Contributions and PapersEmployment History
TopBook Contributions and Papers
  • 宋昭勛,吳靜,趙應春 (2017) “財經領跑人 香港財經新聞記者訪談錄” 中華書局 June 2017
  • 2 蘇鑰機等 (2010) “一人一故事: 一個越南家庭的故事”  天地圖書公司 pp 441 – 443, June 2010.
  • 蘇鑰機等 (2013) “一人又一故事: 戰爭與和平” 天地圖書公司 pp 14 – 17, June 2013.
  • 趙應春 (2009)“傳統媒體及新媒體在金融風暴中的傳播功能” 海峽兩岸新聞研討會 June 20095
  • 趙應春 (2005)“從印度洋海嘯看新聞媒體在災難報道中的人文關懷”海峽兩岸新聞研討會  August 2005
  • 趙應春 (2002) “第二次電視新聞革命” 傳媒春秋 pp 9 - 11 May 2002
TopEmployment History

..........Professional Experience..........

  • Executive Director, i-CABLE News Ltd
  • Vice President, i-CABLE News Ltd
  • News Controller, Hong Kong CableTV Ltd
  • News Consultant, Wharf Cable
  • News Editor, Television Broadcast Ltd
  • News Reporter, Commercial Television Ltd

..........Teaching Experience..........

  • Chinese University, Advanced Broadcast News
  • Chinese University, Broadcast News
  • Chinese University, News Translation