Mr LEUNG Chun Long, Lawrence (梁峻朗先生)
BA (PolyU)
MA (CityU)

Senior Lecturer
School of Translation and Foreign Languages
Associate Programme Director of Bachelor of Translation with Business Programme

電話 : (852) 3963 5504
電郵 :

Mr Leung received a BA (Translation, Corporate Communication) from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, an MA (Linguistics) with Distinction from City University of Hong Kong, and an MSSc (Global Political Economy) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked as a translator in a translation company specialising in commercial and financial texts.

Conference Papers
  • “A Corpus-Driven Study of Key near-Synonymous Adjectives in English Financial Discourse of Hong Kong” (2019). The 24th Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics Conference. Seoul: Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics, 20-21 August.
  • “From SH-HK, SZ-HK Stock Connect towards SH-LN Stock Connect: A Review of Mistranslations in Information Disclosure by Listed Companies of Hong Kong” (2017). The 16th International Conference on Translation. Malaysia: University of Malaya, 8-10 August.
Newspaper Articles
  • 〈翻譯留心意涵 歐洲不能懷疑〉(2019)。載於文匯報(2019 年 11月 5 日)。
  • 〈語言承載文化非單溝通媒介〉(2019)。載於文匯報(2019年 5月20日)。
  • 〈語言背景有異 手勢玩死主持〉(2018)。載於文匯報(2018年 9月5日)。
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