Dr. Vera LI 李維娜博士
Dr Vera LI (李維娜博士)

Assistant Professor
Department of Accountancy

電話 : (852) 3963 5254
電郵 :

Dr Li joined Hang Seng Management College as an Assistant Professor in August 2014. She got a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree from University of New England, Australia. She attained her MSc and PhD degrees from Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Prior to joining the College, she worked as a Lecturer in the School of Accounting and Finance at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for 15 years, teaching various subjects at the undergraduate’s and master's levels.

Research InterestsTeaching InterestsPublications
TopResearch Interests
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Competitiveness Studies
  • Construction Management
  • Business Ethics

TopTeaching Interests
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Ethics
  • Taxation

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  • “VP-based safety management in large-scale construction projects: A conceptual framework.” (with Guo H L, Li H), Automation in Construction, 34 (pp. 16-24 ), 2013.
  • “Competitiveness Factors: A Study of the Real Estate Market in China.” (with Li, H., Skitmore, M., Kwok, J and Cheng, E), Construction Management and Economics, 27(6) (pp.567-579), 2009.
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