Dr HU Hsin Li, Sammy (胡欣立博士)
PhD (Peking University)
LLM (The University of Hong Kong)
LLM (Chicago-Kent College of Law)
LLB (Shih Hsin University)

Assistant Professor
School of Communication
Associate Director of Centre for Media Literacy and Communication Studies
Associate Programme Director of Bachelor of Journalism and Communication Programme

電話 : (852) 3963 5216
電郵 :

Sammy is a graduate of the Law School of Shih Hsin University and worked at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research in Taipei. He completed his LLM in International and Comparative Law at Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2004. He earned another LLM from the University of Hong Kong and his PhD in Economic Law from Peking University afterwards. In 2008, Sammy spent a year as a research fellow at Chicago-Kent doing comparative research related to his PhD thesis in foreign investment and anti-monopoly supervision. Prior to joining the HSMC, Sammy taught at the Faculty of Business, Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

Selected PublicationsResearch Grants
TopSelected Publications

..........Book Chapters..........

  • 2018 “第十一章: 香港、澳門地區網路傳播法規與倫理概述",《網絡傳播法規與倫理教程》, 黃瑚主編,復旦大學出版社 (Co-Author)

..........Journal Articles..........

  • 2019 “從《反裂國家法》到《國家安全法》涉港澳台部分的立法觀察, 《亞洲研究》, 第75期, 珠海學院亞洲研究中心.
  • 2014 “Judicial Activism in Taiwan”, Vol 69, Asian Studies , Centre for Asian Studies, Chu Hai College of Higher Education.
  • 2010 “從美國法案例看我國法對縱向限制競爭行為的規制”, 《經濟法研究》, 第7卷, 北京大學出版社.
  • 2005 “U.S. Anti-Dumping System: The Impact and Corresponding Strategies to China’s Products”, Vol. 17, The Journal of Social Policy, the Korean Social Policy Institute.

..........Conference Proceedings and Presentations..........

  • 2021 "Communication Noise in E-learning During the Pandemic and How to Reduce It: Perspectives from University Students and Teachers", HKAECT 2021 Conference (Co-Author)
  • 2021 "Escape from the Echo-Chamber", IAMCR 2021 Conference (Co-Author)
  • 2021 "The Limits of Law: The Legislation Against Misinformation in Greater China", International Conference on Misinformation and Fake News, Centre for Greater China Studies and School of Communication, HSUHK.
  • 2020 “世衛的一國與世貿的四席", 大中華研究中心對談系列: 全球疫情下兩岸三地面臨的挑戰── 中、港、台觀點, 恒生大學大中華研究中心.
  • 2018 “中國《網絡安全法》下的商業言論自由, 2018兩岸三地財經新聞及企業傳播教育發展研討會, 恒生大學傳播學院.
  • 2016 “2015《國家安全法》出台後的港台媒體觀察與法律分析”, 2016 傳播與兩岸關係學術論壇, 復旦大學新聞學院(Co-Author).
  • 2015 “兩岸三地紙媒對房柯涉毒案報道的框架分析與法律解讀”, 2015傳播與兩岸關係學術論壇, 復旦大學新聞學院(Co-Author).
  • 2014 “兩岸三地傳播法教科書的一些觀察”, 2014兩岸三地財經新聞及企業傳播教育發展研討會, 恒生管理學院傳播學院.
TopResearch Grants
  • 2020 Dialogues on Strategies: Sustaining Hong Kong’s Leadership and Competitiveness in International Business Communication A Symposium on Cybersecurity Law in PR China: Communication and Governance Perspectives, RGC (UGC/IIDS14/H02/20, Co-I).
  • 2020 The Political Polarization and Relationship Dissolution on Social Media: An Evidence-based Study on Political Unfriending Among Hong Kong Students During the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement, PPR (Special Round, SR2020.B12.003, Co-I).
  • 2020 Social Media, Public Opinion and Governance in Digital Era, PPR (Special Round, SR2020.B12.004, Co-I).
  • 2019 A Symposium on Cybersecurity Law in PR China: Communication and Governance Perspectives, RGC (UGC/IIDS14/H01, PI).
  • 2013 Enhancement of Learning Good Practices in Business Social Responsibility, QESS (03/QESS/2013, Co-I)