Dr KONG Ying Yuk, Amy (江影玉博士)
MPhil (CUHK)

English Language Centre Coordinator
Senior Lecturer
Department of English

電話 : (852) 3963 5575
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Dr Amy Kong obtained a BA in English (Minor in Translation), a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, and an MPhil and a PhD in Applied English Linguistics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr Kong worked on the topic of peer review in the ESL writing classroom for her PhD dissertation. With the research interest in interactive feedback and collaborative learning, Dr Kong emphasizes the need of giving autonomy to students to create a student-centered learning environment.

PublicationsConference PresentationsFunded Projects
  • Kong, A.  (Accepted). A dual case study of perceptions of strategy-based training and peer review stances among Hong Kong secondary students: An activity theory perspective. In B. L. Reynolds & F. Teng (Eds.), Innovative approaches in teaching writing to Chinese speakers. Berlin: De Gruyter.
  • Kong, A., & Bui, G. (2019). Reader stances and writer responses in L2 peer review: A study of L2 writing literacy among Hong Kong secondary school students. The Asian EFL Journal, 23(5), 139–186.
  • Bui, G., & Kong, A. (2019). Metacognitive instruction for peer review interaction in L2 writing. Journal of Writing Research, 11(2), 357–392. https://doi.org/10.17239/jowr-2019.11.02.05
  • Kong, A., & Bui, G. (2019). Disambiguating recasts with prosodic and extra-linguistic cues in task-based interactions among young learners. Language Teaching for Young Learners, 1(2), 187-206.
  • Kong, A. (2018). A dual case study: Influences of learners’ perceptions on strategy use and language choice during peer review, International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS), 4(9), 36-40.
TopConference Presentations
  • A dual case study: Influences of learners’ perceptions on strategy use and language choice during peer review. The International Conference on Arts, Education and Social Science (ICAES) 2018. Los Angeles, USA.
  • Micro-genetic approach to exploring scaffolding strategies and social relationships in trained peer review. The Asian Conference on Language Learning (ACLL). Osaka, Japan.
  • Socio-Cognitive Dimensions of Peer Review. The Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics (PAAL) Conference 2011. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Disambiguating Recasts with Enhanced Salience in Task-based Interaction. The Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics (HAAL) Research Forum 2009. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
TopFunded Projects
  • 2018-2020 MOOC: Grammar Awareness Platform, funded by the Vice President Office: Academic and Research, the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HK$50,000).
  • 2018-2021 Footprint from Afar: The Story of Hakka People, funded by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation (HK$300,000).
  • 2017 & 2018 Tin Ka Ping Intercultural Exchange Camp for Tin Ka Ping Experimental High School & HSMC Students, funded by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, 2017 (Total: HK$100,000).
  • 2015-2017 “Glocality” and Cultural Literacy: Tin Ka Ping Foundation Arts Ambassadors Scheme, funded by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation (HK$300,000).
  • 2014-2016: “Glocality” and Cultural Literacy: HSMC English Enhancement Project, funded by the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) of the Education Bureau (HK$1,657,200).