Ms. LAU Wai 劉慧女士
Ms LAU Wai (劉慧女士)

Senior Lecturer
Department of Chinese

電話 : (852) 3963 5567
電郵 :

Ms Lau has many years of Putonghua teaching experience at tertiary institutes. She has solid language teaching knowledge and rich experiences in curriculum development. Her familiarity with the Putonghua proficiency assessments has enabled her to coordinate and develop the teachers’ Chinese proficiency training curriculum and the Putonghua multi-media learning materials at various educational institutes. Besides, she has published, as an author or co-author, many books in Putonghua teaching and learning.

Research InterestsBooks and MonographsConference PresentationsProfessional and Community Services
TopResearch Interests
  • 語言(普通話)能力訓練 
  • 語言(普通話)能力測試 
  • 中文教學 

TopBooks and Monographs
  • 《普通話水平測試應試指導與訓練》,北京:北京語言大學出版社。(2009)
  • 《易誤讀字逐個捉》,香港,普通話研習社。(2000)

TopConference Presentations
  • 「論香港小學中文教材中詞語的規範問題」,發表於《陝西師範大學學報(哲學社會科學版)》九月號,頁189-192,西安,中國。(12/2008) 
  • 「普通話水準測試語法內容的設置要有針對性」。發表於「普通話教學與測試學術研討會」,福州,中國。(5/2007) 
  • 「香港小學生掌握認讀簡化字能力教學目標之探討」,發表於「第五屆世界語言教育研討會」,南京,中國。(12/2005) 

TopProfessional and Community Services
  • 普通話水平測試國家級測試員
  • 牛津出版社《普通話傳意》教材顧問(2007 – 2008) 
  • 香港考評局教師語文(普通話)能力評核考評員(2004 – 2009)