Ms. FUNG Wai Sum 馮慧心女士
Dr FUNG Wai Sum, Cathy (馮慧心博士)
MPhil (CUHK)

Senior Lecturer
Department of Chinese

電話 : (852) 3963 5112
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Dr Fung received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Philosophy of Chinese Language and Literature at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her MPhil dissertation about women writers in Ming and Qing Dynasty offers a unique blend of western Feminism and gender studies, together with classical Chinese literary theories. Through her investigation of the Ci (song lyrics) in Late Ming and early Qing, literati women (Guixiu) and courtesans (Qinglou) , the two main streams of female literary tradition, are characterized by its “family-centred” and “publicness” respectively.


After graduation, she has worked in the HSMC as a lecturer and discovered her interest in Social Sciences. Thus, she later received the Master of Social Science in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


She has a wide range of interests in women writers of traditional China, traditional Chinese Shi and Ci, literary criticism, gender studies, hermeneutics, and cultural theory and aesthetics.

  • " An Analysis of the Adherent Mentality in Zhongxiangci: Judging from the Political Background of the Editorial Committee"
  • 從編輯集團的身份背景論《眾香詞》的遺民意識, Journal of Chinese Literary Studies, 文學論衡, No. 20 (February 2012).