Ms. CHAN Wai Man, Cynthia 陳慰敏女士
Ms CHAN Wai Man, Cynthia (陳慰敏女士)
MA (Newport University, USA)

Department of Chinese

電話 : (852) 3963 5119
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Ms Chan, Lecturer of Chinese Department at Hang Seng Management College, has extensive experience in teaching high school. She was Chinese Language Instructor at The Hong Kong Institute of Education immediately before joining the College. The subjects that she teaches are Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Culture and Cantonese. She is good at helping students to improve their communication skills in Chinese and is keen to give guidance to them in creative writing. Some of her students have won awards in writing competitions.

Her research interests include Classical and Modern Chinese Literature, Teacher Education and Chinese Language Education.

EducationResearch-related ActivitiesCommunity ServicePublications
  • Bachelor of Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (Chinese Language and Literature) ; Master of Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (Chinese Language, Literature and Culture); Master of Arts, Newport University, USA (Counseling Psychology); PGCE, University of Hong Kong. 

TopResearch-related Activities
  • Chinese Language Instructor, The Hong Kong Institute of Education (1998-2005).

TopCommunity Service
  • 聖經朗誦節評判,漢語聖經協會。(2004至現在)

  • 陳慰敏、湯浩堅(2003)。教室語言與教學效能。香港:香港教育學院。 
  • 陳慰敏、盧明輝、湯浩堅編(2002)。串串心聲──散文創作的互動學習與反思。香港:香港教育學院。