Dr. WONG Kim Fan 王劍凡博士
Dr WONG Kim Fan (王劍凡博士)

Adjunct Associate Professor
School of Translation and Foreign Languages

電話 : (852) 3963 5225
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Dr Wong graduated from the Department of English, Hong Kong Baptist University with a BA in Translation. He went on to study the translation of philosophical texts and obtained a PhD degree from the same university.
He has been Adjunct Assistant Professor of the Department of Philosophy and part-time lecturer in the Department of Translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Over the years, he has taught different translation, philosophy and general education courses, namely, “Translation of Public Relations Writing”, “Mass Media Translation”, “Journalistic Translation”, "Government and Public Affairs Translation”, “Translation of Texts in Social Science”, “Advanced Commercial Translation”, “Advanced Translation Studies”, “Travel and Translation”, “Cultural Tourism and Tourist Culture”, “Philosophy of Travel”, “Human Happiness”, “Applied Ethics”, “Classics for Today: In Search of Good Life and Good Society”, “Chinese and Western Modes of Thought”, “Mastering Problem Solving and Rational Decision Making” and “Practicing Visual Thinking and Creative Thinking”.
He also participated in course development of several courses in general education, philosophy, translation, as well as Chinese and English languages. He has been a working translator and copywriters for more than 12 years, specializing in PR and mass media translation.
In 2010, he received the Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education given by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
His areas of research interests include “contemporary translation theories”, “philosophy of travel”, “translation of philosophical texts” and “translation, culture and ideology”.

PublicationsResearch Interest
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TopResearch Interest
  • Contemporary translation theories
  • Translation, culture and ideology
  • Translation of philosophical texts
  • General Education and the Studies of Humanities
  • Language and Culture
  • Travel and Translation
  • Philosophy of Travel