Dr. SIU Sai Cheong 蕭世昌博士
Dr SIU Sai Cheong (蕭世昌博士)
MPhil (CUHK)

Associate Professor
School of Translation and Foreign Languages
Programme Director of Bachelor of Translation with Business Programme
Programme Director of Master of Arts in Translation (Computer-aided Translation) Programme

電話 : (852) 3963 5443
電郵 :

Dr Siu received his BA (First Class Honours), MPhil and PhD in Translation from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). His research interests include translation/interpreting technology, computer-aided translation (CAT), natural language processing, Buddhist scripture translation and the history of Chinese translation. He has published a book based on his MPhil research on sutra translation in ancient China. His PhD dissertation, focusing on computational approaches to Buddhist translation in the information age, explores the use of existing translation tools (e.g., automatic translation engines, translation memory systems and terminology databases) and presents innovative CAT concepts (e.g., “dialogue-based CAT” and “customizable interactive target texts”). He hopes that the research will revolutionize Buddhist translation and provide new insights into other fields of translation, including business translation and financial translation.  

PublicationsConference and Seminar PresentationsAwards
  • 《佛教文字之電腦互動翻譯法:電子時代佛教翻譯的新方向》(2013)。香港:正法文庫。326頁。(ebook)
  • 《鳩摩羅什的長安譯場》(2010)。高雄:佛光文化事業有限公司。324頁。 (pdf)
  Conference Papers and Articles
  • “Neural Machine Translation for Financial Listing Documents” (with L. Luo, H. Yang and F. Y. L. Chin). International Conference on Neural Information Processing. Springer, Cham, 2018. Pp. 232–
  • TranXearch: 專門為譯者而設的智能搜尋引擎〉(TranXearch: An Intelligent Search Engine for Translators, in Chinese). Translation and Interpreting Professions and Information Technology in Taiwan. Taipei: National Academy for Education Research, 2015. Pp. 93–112.
  • 〈翻譯科技與社會共融〉(2014)。載於星島日報(2014年3月24日)。
  • 〈善用工具 提升職場翻譯技能〉(2014)。載於星島日報(2014年2月10日)。
  • TranXearch:專門為譯者而設的智能搜尋引擎〉。《2013 臺灣翻譯研討會—科技與翻譯發展:會議論文資料》。臺北:國家教育研究院及國立臺灣師範大學,2013年。頁97-109。
  • 〈如何翻譯:晚清算式漢譯法〉(2013)。載於星島日報(2013年6月3日)。
  • 〈一千多年前的譯者如何翻譯〉(2012)。載於星島日報(2012年10月30日)。
  • 〈電腦輔助商務翻譯:發展與前瞻〉(2012)。載於星島日報(2012年5月3日)。
  • 〈超越現代性:高行健與大江健三郎異同初探〉(2009)。譯自魏簡 “Modernity Overcome? Preliminary Elements for a Comparative Study of Gao Xingjian and Ōe Kenzaburō”。《香港戲劇學刊》(2009年第8期):頁97–121。
  • “Buddhist Scripture Translation in the New Millennium”The Changing Face of Translation: Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Portsmouth Translation Conference.Portsmouth: University of Portsmouth, 2009. Pp. 35-46. (pdf)
  • “Theorizing Buddhist Scripture Translation as an Act of Giving”New voices in Translation Studies, 4, 2009. Pp. 1-14. (pdf)
  • 〈鳩摩羅什譯場的佛典漢譯流程〉(2008)。《「書寫中國翻譯史」第三屆中國譯學新芽研討會論文集》,頁169-186。香港:香港中文大學中國文化研究所翻譯研究中心。
Web-based Projects and Other Output
  • HSUHK Business Translation Index (HSUHKBTI) (Ongoing project): a web-based multilingual technology management project. Website: hsuhkbti.com
  • Technology for Translators (Ongoing project): a portal for the demonstration of online translation technology.
  • IPO Translate (English - Chinese Translation) (2018): an online platform for English - Chinese translation of IPO documents
  • Technology for Text Analytics (2018): a repository for text analytics.
  • Translation Informatics (2017): a repository for translation knowledge management.
  • BiDict (2016): a EC/CE dictionary based on CCCEDict.
  • Sentence Similarity Calculator (2016): an online tool for the calculation of sentence similarity based on the Levenshtein distance and the Dice coefficient.
  • TranxAlign (2016): an automatic alignment tool for creation of translation memory.
  • Bilingual Corpus for Legal Translators (2016): a bilingual database based on the Ordinances of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  • CAT Developer (2016): a JavaScript library for the development of simple computer-aided translation tools.
  • 電腦與商業翻譯(2013)。《縱橫行館》。新城電台(2013年6月22日)。
Newspaper Articles
  • 〈翻譯「電政」合璧共融大有裨益〉(2019)。載於文匯報(2019 年 7月 8 日)。
  • 〈發展金融翻譯科技 善用港雙語優勢〉(2019)。載於文匯報(2019年 3月20日)。
  • 〈電腦翻譯文字 算法不斷改良〉(2018)。載於文匯報(2018年 12月14日)。
  • 〈晚清譯著《儒門醫學》 普及西方醫學知識〉(2018)。載於文匯報(2018 年 5 月 16 日)。
  • 〈翻譯比賽四大新方向〉(2017)。載於文匯報(2017年 12月 20日)。
  • 〈精揀翻譯系統 發揮人機優勢〉(2017)。載於文匯報(2017 年 6月 7 日)。
  • 〈準確評核機器翻譯 利「自學」進化〉(2017)。載於文匯報(2017 年 2月 8 日)。
  • 〈晚清英漢《西藥大成》見前人專業〉(2016)。載於文匯報(2016 年 10月 5日)。
  • 〈譯經走向「雲端」〉(2016)。載於文匯報(2016 年 4月 20 日)。
  • 〈佛教翻譯的電子資源〉(2016)。載於星島日報(2016 年 4月 18 日)。
  • 〈「翻譯」與「絲路」對接三大點〉(2016)。載於文匯報(2016 年 2月 24日)。
  • 〈加字庫可助自動翻譯〉(2015)。載於文匯報(2015 年 10 月 7 日)。
TopConference and Seminar Presentations
  • 〈人工智能時代的翻譯科技教學新方向〉2019)。《第十五屆全國翻譯院系負責人聯席會議》。深圳:香港中文大學(深圳)。
  • 〈商務翻譯教育的主導方向 (with Gilbert C. F. Fong and Shelby K. Y. Chan) 2019)。《第十五屆全國翻譯院系負責人聯席會議》。深圳:香港中文大學(深圳)。
  • “AI VS Human Translation: The Inevitable Replacement?” (2019). Macau: France Macau Chamber of Commerce.
  • “New Technology for Financial Translators” (2019). Hong Kong: Deep Learning Research and Application Centre, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong.
  • “Trends in Technology for Translators: Deep Learning and Automatic Translation” (2019). Hong Kong: Deep Learning Research and Application Centre, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong.
  • “On the Quality of Neural Machine Translation of Public Health Information in Hong Kong (English - Chinese Translation)” (with Sai Yan Siu) (2018). The 22nd International Symposium on Translation and Interpreting Teaching. Taipei: Fu-Jen Catholic University.
  • “Harness the Power of Neural Networks for AI: Applications of Deep Learning” (2018). Hong Kong: Digital China.
  • 〈翻譯語料庫與語言科技工作坊:文本數據與語言科技〉(Workshop on  Translation Corpora and Language Technology: Text Analytics and Language Technology) (2018). Taipei: Fu-Jen Catholic University.
  • “The Translation of Buddhist Texts: Past, Present and Future” (2017). Hong Kong: Hong Kong Shue Yan University.
  • 〈一千多年前的譯者如何翻譯〉2017香港:恒生管理學院。
  • 〈醫療翻譯資訊研習:翻譯的資訊化管理及知識點的設計 2(Workshop on  IT  for Medical Translation:  Translation Knowledge Management 2) (2017). Taipei:  The International Medical Translators and Interpreters Association.
  • 〈醫療翻譯資訊研習:翻譯的資訊化管理及知識點的設計 1 (Workshop  on  IT  for Medical  Translation: Translation Knowledge Management 1) (2017). Taipei:  The International Medical Translators and Interpreters Association.
  • “An Online Platform for the Collection and Analysis of Data on Web-based Collaborative Business Translation” (2016). International Symposium of ARTIS@HKBU 2016: Researching Collaborative Translation. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University.
  • “Multilingual Technology for Non-Chinese Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong” (2016). Taiwan Conference on Translation & Interpretation: Multilingual Translation. Taiwan: National Academy for Educational Research.
  • 〈電腦譯經 (Computer-aided Buddhist Translation) (2016). Hong Kong: Commercial Press.
  • “An Online English-Chinese/Chinese-English Corpus Analysis System for Translators and Translation Researchers” (2015). Taiwan International Conference on Translation & Interpretation: Technology and T&I Development. Taiwan: National Academy for Educational Research.
  • TranXearch:專門為譯者而設的智能搜尋引擎〉(2013)。《2013 臺灣翻譯研討會——科技與翻譯發展》。臺北:國家教育研究院及國立臺灣師範大學。
  • “Automated pre-editing and post-editing: A hybrid approach to computerized translation of Initial Public Offering (IPO) prospectuses” (2012). New Trends in Translation Technology: The 10th Anniversary Conference of the Master of Arts in Computer-aided Translation Programme. Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • 〈上市公司公告的電腦英漢翻譯法:以「不尋常價格或成交量變動」之標準內容公告為例〉(2012)。第一屆商務翻譯會議。香港:恒生管理學院翻譯學院。
  • 〈佛教文字的電腦互動翻譯科技:電子時代佛教翻譯的新方向〉(2011)。研究生學術討論會。香港:香港中文大學翻譯系。
  • 〈鳩摩羅什譯場的佛典漢譯流程〉(2008)。「書寫中國翻譯史」第三屆中國譯學新芽研討會。香港:香港中文大學中國文化研究所翻譯研究中心。
  • “Buddhist Scripture Translation in the New Millennium” (2008). The Changing Face of Translation: The Eighth Annual Portsmouth Translation Conference.Portsmouth: University of Portsmouth.
  • 〈鳩摩羅什的長安譯場,401-413:譯經流程與帝王參與〉(2008)。研究生學術討論會。香港:香港中文大學翻譯系。
  • “Theorizing Buddhist Scripture Translation as an Act of Giving” (2008). International Conference on With/out Theory: The Role of Theory in Translation Studies Research. London: University College London.
  • Prize, National Interpreting Contest 2010 (Simultaneous Interpreting) (2010)
  • Research Prize by Master Hsing Yun (2010)
  • Mok Hing Cheong Postgraduate Scholarship (2009)
  • Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Postgraduate Scholarship (2007)
  • Hang Seng Bank Scholarship (2005)