Ms.  LEE Mui Fong, Heather 李梅芳女士
Dr LEE Mui Fong, Heather (李梅芳博士)
PhD (The University of Hong Kong)
MBA (York University)
LLB (The Nottingham Trent University)
BAS (York University)
BSSc (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
CPA (Hong Kong Institute of CPAs)
CPA (American Institute of CPAs)

Associate Professor
Department of Accountancy

電話 : (852) 3963 5259
電郵 :

Dr Heather Lee is an Associate Professor in the Department of Accountancy at Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSU). Before joining HSU, she held positions at both the Lingnan University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, teaching courses in financial accounting, management accounting and finance. Her research interests include PRC Company Law and Banking Law, Hong Kong Company Law and Securities Regulations, corporate governance and taxation. She also has working experience with international accounting firms in the realm of tax and business advisory as well as tax compliance for jurisdictions including the PRC, the US and Hong Kong.

Professional QualificationsTeaching InterestsResearch InterestsJournal PublicationsBook ChaptersGrantsReferred Conference PapersAwards
TopProfessional Qualifications
  • Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
TopTeaching Interests
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Hong Kong Company Law and PRC Company Law
TopResearch Interests
  • PRC Company Law and Banking Law
  • Hong Kong Company Law and Securities Regulations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Taxation
TopJournal Publications
  • Goo, Say, Heather Lee and Shanshan Shi. Transparency of Company: Operational Challenges for Implementing the New Requirements on Beneficial Ownership in Hong Kong. Journal of Business Law. Forthcoming.
  • Goo, Say H and Heather Lee. More Business Opportunities or Higher Legal Risks under the Belt and Road Initiative and the Greater Bay Area Initiative? Rethinking of Information Disclosure for Chinese Companies. Company and Securities Law Journal, 36(8) 656-664.
  • Lee, Heather. (2017). Tax Treatments for Court-Free Intragroup Amalgamation in Hong Kong. International Tax Journal, Jan-Feb Issue, 37-44 and 63.
  • Lee, Heather. (2016). Regulation of Gatekeepers after the Financial Crisis: An Example of Credit Rating Agencies in China. The Company Lawyer, 37(11), 352-360.
  • Lee, H. and B. YH Wong. (2016). Ways to Implement Global Financial Initiatives of the G20 after the Financial Crisis: the Enforcement Roles of the BCBS and the IASB. Law and Financial Markets Review, 10(4), 193-200.
  • Lee, Heather. (2016) Financial Reporting and Audit Failures in Transition Economy: Examples of Auditors in China’s Financial Market. Law and Financial Markets Review, 10(1), 4-15.
TopBook Chapters
  • Linsey Chen, Heather Lee, Yiwei Yao. 第十章: 小股東權益保護 (Chapter 10: Protection of Minority Shareholders’ Interest). 企業管治 (Corporate Governance). Forth
  • Eden Chau, Heather Lee and Shirley Wong. 第九章: 大股東操縱行為 (Chapter 9: Manipulation by Controlling Shareholders). 企業管治 (Corporate Governance). Forth
  • Lam, K., H. Lee, J. Liu, and Z. Wang. (2018). Hong Kong as an Equity Financing Centre for the Belt and Road Nations. In F.M. Cheung and Y. Hong (Eds.), Economic and Financial Cooperation: Hong Kong and the World under the Belt and Road Initiative. Routledge, pp.47-80.
  • Principal Investigator: "Thinking out of the Box: Challenges for Accountants in Anti-money Laundering and Counter-terrorist Financing in Hong Kong", Research Grants Council of Hong Kong - Faculty Development Scheme 2019/20.
  • Co-Investigator. “Case Centre for Business Education”, HSU Strategic Development Grant for 2017/18 – 2018/19.
TopReferred Conference Papers
  • H. Lee and Chen, L (2019). 傳統權益與合法傳統權益: 檢討小型屋宇政策的持續性 (Traditional Right vs Lawful Traditional Right: A Study on the Sustainability of the Small House Policy). 第六届两岸四地财产法论坛 (The Sixth Cross-Strait Four Regions Property Law Forum).
  • Chen, L., H. Lee and JL Tan. (2018). 股东压制语境下的中国异议股东回购请求权制度 (Appraisal Right of Dissenting Shareholders in China). 第五屆兩岸四地金融法論壇 (The Fifth Cross-Strait Four Regions Financial Law Forum).
  • Chen, L. and H. Lee (2017). 公司章程 - 香港公司法与中国公司法之比较 (Articles of Association – A Comparison of Company Law in China and Hong Kong). 中国商法学研究会2017年年会 (Commercial Law Conference 2017).
  • Chen, L and H. Lee (2016). Minority Shareholder Protection – A Comparison of Company Law in China and Hong Kong. The 6th Annual International Conference on Comparative Law.
  • Chen, L and H. Lee (2016). Regulatory Framework for Equity Crowdfunding in China. The Annual Spain Business Research Conference.
  • Chen, L. and H. Lee (2016). 公司法迈向国际化的法律框架 - 香港新公司条例中小股东权益保护的启示 (The Internationalization of Company Law – Protection of Minority Shareholders Provisions under the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong). 中国商法学研究会2016年年会 (Commercial Law Conference 2016).
  • Lee, H. and B. Wong (2015). Liability Risk and Compliance: Auditors in China's Financial Market. The 31st International Business Research Conference.
  • Lee, H. (2015). Gatekeeper and Whistle Blower in Transition Economy: Examples of Auditors in China’s Financial Market. The 23rd Annual Conference on Pacific Basin Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Management.
  • Wong, B, H. Lee, V. Li and J. Liu (2015). One Leap Forward: The Audit Profession in China. The WAFS Biennial Conference 2015.
  • HSU Teaching Excellence Awards 2015/16
  • Departmental Teaching Effectiveness Award for 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18
  • The 31st International Business Research Conference - Best Paper Award
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants - Letter of Excellency