Dr Willy HUANG (黃佳威博士)
PhD (Birmingham, UK)
MPhil (LingnanU)
BA (LingnanU)


電話 : 3963 5774
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Dr. Kai Wai HUANG, Willy earned his B.A. in Social Sciences and MPhil in Economics from the Lingnan University, Hong Kong, and his PhD in Economics from the University of Birmingham, U.K. He has solid teaching experiences in a wide variety of fields such as Economics (Labour Economics and Education Policy, Hong Kong Economy, International Political Economy, Econometrics, Statistics), Business (Organizational Behaviour, Globally Responsible Business, Business Policy and Strategy, Recruitment and Selection, Project Appraisal and Impact Analysis), Social Sciences (Research Methods, Social Theory) for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong and the U.K. Apart from teaching, Willy has been writing commentaries and working with stakeholders in the private sector on public policy area such as population policy and retirement income protection. His research interest focuses on labour economics (wage and employment differentials, unemployment duration and elderly employment), population economics (population ageing, income mobility and inequality) and education innovation.

Research and Teaching InterestsIntellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)Research Grants and Awards
TopResearch and Teaching Interests

Research interest: wage determination and employment, income mobility and inequality, population ageing and education innovation

Teaching interest: Organizational Behaviour, Research Methods, Business Policy and Strategy, Recruitment and Selection, Project Appraisal and Impact Analysis

TopIntellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)
  • Liu, M.H., Ho, L.S. and Huang, K.W. (2022). Upward Earnings Mobility in Hong Kong: Policy Implications Based on a Census Data Narrative. China Quarterly, 1-17.
  • Huang, K.W. Employment and entrepreneurship of Hong Kong youths in the Greater Bay Area (GBA): A study on potential difficulties and concerns for relevant stakeholders. Present at the 2023 Academy of International Business Asia Pacific Regional Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2023.
  • Song, X.J., Huang, K.W., He, Z.Q. and Deng, A.Q. Analysis of Factors Affecting Parents’ Choice of Early Childhood Education in Hong Kong. Present at the Thirteenth Global Studies Conference. Concordia University, Montréal, Canada, June 2020.
  • Huang, K.W., Ho, L.S. and Wei, X.D. Upward Earnings Mobility Starts to Improve in Hong Kong? A Study Based on Census Data. Presented at the Fourth International Conference on Social Policy and Governance Innovation: Innovation in Social Service Delivery. The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, November 2016.
  • Chou, K.L., Huang, K.W., Lam, K.C. and Tse, H.X. Methods of pension withdrawal in Hong Kong: A comparative study and discussion. Presented at the 8th Cross Straits Pension System Forum. Chengdu, China, November 2016.
  • Huang, K.W. and Chou, K.L. Who Supports Delayed Retirement in Hong Kong Workers. Presented at the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) Asia/Oceania 2015 Congress. Chiang Mai, Thailand, October 2015.
  • Huang, K.W. and Chou, K.L. Defined Contribution Pension Confusion and Uncertainty in Hong Kong. Presented at the Social Policy and Social Protection in Asia 2015 Workshop. The Hong Kong Institute of Education (now known as the Education University of Hong Kong), Hong Kong, July 2015.
  • 周基利、黃佳威、林建泉、謝愷之,2016,香港養老保障之提取模式 - 比較與探討研究,香港,香港退休計劃協會。
  • 黃佳威,2015,設公營運作MPF 保回報低收費,《香港經濟日報》2015年 3月 27日。
  • 黃佳威,2015,香港人口老化: 政府應有何新思維?,《紫荊論壇》2015年第 19 期。
  • 周基利、黃佳威,2015,強積金預設投資策略影響深遠,《信報》 2015年 3月 20日。
TopResearch Grants and Awards
  • “Strategic Development of the EdUHK Online Classes Platform (EOCP) for the Enhancement of Online Learning and Teaching in Local Schools” by Dr Siu-yau LEE, Dr Kai Wai HUANG, Dr Chung-yin KWAN and Mr Chun-wai CHOI, 2021 (Communities of Practice (CoP), HK$100,000)
  • “Enhancement of programme innovation through interdisciplinary blended learning approach: innovative use of visual methods in social policy research” by Dr Kai Wai Huang, Mr Kwan Chung-yin, Tommy (principal investigator), Dr Fung Sheung Ng, Isabella and Mr Ka Fai Cheung, Carlos (co-investigators), 2020 (Teaching Development Grant, HK$398,100)
  • “Investment Pattern and Performance of Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Members: A Historical Administrative Record Analysis” by Prof Kee-Lee Chou (principal investigator), Prof Wai-Sum Chan, Dr Mei-Choi Chiu, Dr Wai Ming Fong, Dr Man Ho Ling, Dr Kai Wai Huang and Mr Yu Kay Fung (co-investigators), 2016 (Public Policy Research, HK$427,560)