Dr TSUI Wing Yan (徐穎恩博士)
DipEd (HKBU)

Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Insurance

電話 : (852) 3963 5246
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Dr Tsui received her BSc in Mathematical Science (Graduated with First Class Honours), Diploma in Education (Mathematics) and PhD in Mathematics at the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Research InterestsAwardsPublications
TopResearch Interests
  • Inverse Scattering Theory
  • Machine Learning
  • Wave Imaging
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Invisibility
  • Dr Wu Yee Sun Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2020.
  • Scholastic Award for Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science, 2017.

..........Journal Articles..........

  • H. Liu, W.Y. Tsui, A. Wahab and X. Wang, Three-dimensional Elastic Scattering Coefficients and Enhancement of the Elastic Near CloakJournal of Elasticity, vol. 143, pp. 111-146, 2021.
  • Y. Deng, H. Liu and W.Y. TsuiIdentifying varying magnetic anomalies using geomagnetic monitoringDiscrete Continuous Dynamic System, vol. 40, pp. 6411-6440, 2020.
  • X. Fang, Y. Deng, J. Li, W.Y. Tsui and Z. Zhang, On simultaneous source/obstacle and medium recovery by boundary measurementsElectronic Research Archive, vol. 28, pp.1239-1255, 2020.
  • J. Li, H. Liu, W.Y. Tsui and X. Wang, An inverse scattering approach for geometric body generation: a machine learning perspectiveMathematics in Engineering, vol. 1, pp.800-823, 2019.