Ms KWOK Ching Fan, Emilie (郭靜芬女士)
2015 - 2017: DAEFLE Diplôme d'Aptitude à l'Enseignement du Français Langue Seconde, certified as French teacher.
2010 - 2011: Master in Marketing “Commerce and Innovation in Fashion”, EDHEC, Lille, France.
2003 - 2007: Master of International Management, School of Management Strasbourg, France. Major: Sales and Marketing.
2004 - 2006: Honors Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Studies from Stirling University, Scotland.
2000 - 2003: Degree of Foreign Languages in English and German, Lille Catholics University, France.

Lecturer (Part-time)
School of Translation and Foreign Languages

Teaching ExperiencesOther Professional Experiences
TopTeaching Experiences
  • Module coordinator in HSU
  • Lecturer in other universities: Baptist University & CUHK
TopOther Professional Experiences
  • Marketing communication & product manager
  • ERP - SAP consultant