Dr YANG Yi Hsuan, Rochelle (楊宜瑄博士)
BFA (Film, NYU)
MPS (Interactive Telecommunication, NYU)
PhD (Creative Media, CityUHK)

Assistant Professor,
Department of Art and Design

電話 : (852) 3963 5798
電郵 :

Award-winning artist, curator and choreographer, Dr Yang’s practice encompasses photography, painting, new media arts, experimental video and performing arts. Her artworks have been exhibited globally in many major art conventions, such as Nord Art (Germany), SIGGRAH (Japan), Biennale (China), Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong City Art Fair, Shenzhen International Art Expo, Taipei Dangdai Art Fair, etc.

She served as the Chair for Art Gallery of SIGGRAPH ASIA, director of Art Map / Art Plus, curator for Asia Pacific Film Producer’s Forum, World Dance Festival CID UNESCO, and numerous art exhibitions, concerts and charity events. Before joining HSUHK, Rochelle taught in the postgraduate program of Visual Culture, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and BNU-HKBU, Media Art and Design Program where she served as Acting Program Director.

Dr Yang’s artworks and dance choreography have won several international awards, including Lens Culture Art Photography Award, Netherlands. Honorary Doctorate in Arts, CISAC, France (The International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies), Chinese Youth Award for Excellence (New York) Golden Pin Design Award (Taiwan), Chinese Arts Global Award in Beijing, Asia Pacific Dance Award (Bankok), etc.  She is from Taiwan who is currently based in Hong Kong.

Research InterestsBook ChaptersSelected Publications
TopResearch Interests
  • Interface Design and Visual Culture
  • Brand Communication in Social Media
  • Immersive Theatre/Museum
  • Creative Methods for Advertising
TopBook Chapters
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TopSelected Publications
  • H.Yang (2019) Cute Literacy: The Evolution and Impact of Cute Culture on Digital      Communications.  23rdICIT International Conference on ISO & TQM, Zuhai, China
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