Ms LEUNG Yuen Shan, Ivy (梁苑姍女士)
1985 - The University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts
1989 - Goethe Institute, Germany, Diploma in German
2000 - The Manchester Metropolitan University, Bachelor of Laws
2001 - The University of Hong Kong, Postgraduate Certificate in laws
2002 - Beijing University, Bachelor of Laws in Chinese Law
2004 - University of London, Master of Laws
2016 -  City University of Hong Kong, Master of Laws in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Senior Lecturer
Department of Accountancy

電話 : (852) 3963 5621
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I had worked in the field of marketing and business development before I switched to the legal profession more than ten years ago. The working experience I have acquired in the commercial sector proves to be very conducive to my teaching in business and company law as well as my legal practice.

Professional QualificationTeaching InterestResearch Interest
TopProfessional Qualification
  • Barrister-At-Law
TopTeaching Interest
  • Business and Company Law
TopResearch Interest
  • Corporate Governance